Refund Policy
1. Refund within 48 hours
The Luxxeo AG guarantees its customers a simple and straightforward refund within 48 hours after purchase.

A refund stating a legitimate reason is free of charge for customers in this period.
2. Refund 3 to 180 days
Refunds are only possible during this period, stating legitimate reasons.
These include for example a non-availability of reserved Website or the Service.
The refund is then, of course, also free for customers.
3. Refund after 180 days
After 180 days, a transaction is considered final and a refund is excluded.
4. Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
A subscription may be terminate at any time in accordance with the relevant notice and without giving reasons.

The cancellation of recurring subscriptions always affects the next booking and is non-retroactive effect.
5. Cancellation
Unauthorized cancellations by the consumer or the bank ask the AG Luxxeo the consumer with a fee of 40 € charged.

If there is a improper use, generally will be liable to the payee and not the consumers.
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